Paulina Mansoh
Paulina, Ghana

What they say is true ‘studying abroad will change your life’’.  My year abroad study at the University of Strasbourg was one that made me come out of my comfort zone like I had never done before. This experience enabled me improve my French language skills by immersion, and also gain an exposure to the French culture whilst meeting people from all walks of life.

The University of Strasbourg is well resourced and has a challenging learning environment. With good learning facilities and platforms and dedicated lecturers, I was motivated to learn more of the language and this proved successful after completion.  The University of Strasbourg offered exciting services to students which made me feel at home. Talk about accommodation and restaurant facilities by CROUS, financial assistance by CAF, student reductions on transport cards, health services,  and the best of all; feet massages from the medical team of the University!

Whilst learning the language I joined organized trips for year abroad students and made personal visits to neighbouring countries like Germany and Switzerland.  These experiences exposed me to a different way of thinking, by interacting with people from diverse cultures and arousing other interests like learning German. I learnt so much helping sharpening my personal skills and interaction with people.

If asked I’ll say that anyone can learn to speak French once you have confidence in yourself and ready to get out of your comfort zone. Without the immense assistance from Campus France Ghana, my preparations to study abroad would have been very hectic.  All in all, I had a phenomenal time in France (Strasbourg), Studying abroad has been without doubt an experience of a lifetime!


Paulina Mansoh

Bachelor of Arts (French-Economics)

Level 400 student