Doctorate, Ghana
Joseph, Ghana

CFG: Good afternoon

J: Good afternoon

CFG: You’re welcome to Campus France Ghana

J: Thank you very much

CFG:  So you just returned from France and here you’re going back?

J: Yes please

CFG: May I know what you are going to do?

J: Now I’m going to pursue my PhD, I’m going to work on my PhD topic with IFREMER. It’s a project funded by TOTAL and which is coordinated by IFREMER moving between Brest, Rennes1, Pau and Paris. Studies will be at the University of Rennes 1 and collection of the seismic data within the Passive Margin Exploration Project (Pamela Project) in Paris and Pau with Total.

 CFG: So why did you choose France in the first place for your Masters?

J: I did my 1st degree in Ghana, University of Ghana, and at my department, basically nobody speaks French and nobody has ventured working in a francophone area because they don’t speak French. And I thought that this was a good opportunity to improve myself in this area, to be able to work both in a Francophone and Anglophone country. So I decided to go to France to pursue my Masters. Definitely, I knew their education system was superb because I had read about the French Education System and I knew what to expect; better training and then the added advantage of learning the French Language, so I was keen on going to France.

CFG: Ok, so when you came back, were your expectations met (in France)?

J: Yes my expectations were I’d say, if there’s a word, “over met”. Yes my expectations were absolutely met, because I was shocked and so impressed with the lecturers I had. They were so devoted to my understanding of the program, because perhaps they saw an eagerness in me...I don’t know, but they wanted to help me with every step, and they have time for the students. Our lecturers here also have time, but in France, it was exceptional and I was blown away by the humility of the lecturers, and everything was too much for me. At a point, I couldn’t understand because I thought that France is an advanced country and therefore if you are a professor or a doctor in France, you should be pompous, but they were down-to-earth and it was amazing.

CFG: So you were a Science student in Lille 1, and science students need equipment and labs. When going to do your Masters, did you have all these (in France)?

J: Yes, it was, I must say, the advantage of working in this lab (we have just nine (9) of such Labs in the world and I had the opportunity to work in one) at the University of Science and Technology, Lille 1 in the Geodynamic modelling lab: we had the modelling equipments, the facilities, the softwares; 3D-movie software for modelling geological structures was there. And I had the advantage of being trained in all these, so it’s unexpected that all these things came to me.

CFG: Ok. So for the PhD, you’re going this time to work with a team of experts from TOTAL to explore the oceans?

J: Yes

CFG: How do you see this opportunity?

J: It’s so great. When I was told that I had gotten this PhD, for 2 days I couldn’t believe I had gotten it, because applications come from all over the world. We had 2 sessions of interviews and  finally they named two (2), that’s incredible, because it’s going to involve geo-physics and geo-dynamics and this is an area that I have interest in and this is the reason why I picked geology because I’d love to understand why things are the way they are within the earth and this is a project which is going to look at the splitting of the Pangea and the information about the Indian ocean and for me I think it’s incredible. Looking at IFREMER, IFREMER is known worldwide with experts and renowned geologists within my area of research. I think it’s such a great honour to learn from these people and work with them to fulfil my dreams.

CFG: So what is your career plan? Are you planning to become a lecturer or what exactly do you want to do?

J: Yes, I want to be a lecturer, a researcher

CFG: We wish you all the best


J: Thank you very much