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Various Institutions provide greeting service at your arrival in France.

Various services assist you

One-stop service shops are services put in place during the early academic year to facilitate the installation and integration of travelling students. You will find various institutions and agencies open (police headquarters, CAF, OFIL, CROUS, etc.) and greeting teams to help you in your administrative steps. The one-stop service shop is available in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Rennes, Nancy, Nantes and Strasbourg.

Branches of the police headquarters (préfecture de police) are open in institutions and CROUSes.

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Centres with an Euraxess label offer support services to international travelling researchers.

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Campus France's continuous service: for the first time, Campus France participates in the greeting and follow-up structures put in place by our regional collaborators.

Paris: Greeting Service for Foreign Students

Every new academic year, the Cité internationale sets up a multi-services platform with the support of the City hall of Paris and the Île-de-France region to welcome all foreign students studying in Paris. ?Two greeting services for foreign students answer all your questions in the Cité internationale Universitaire de Paris and in the Paris CROUS. Greeting agents, most of them foreign students themselves, will assist you in your various steps (housing search in Paris, administrative processes, residence permit granting, job search, French classes, leisure activities, etc.). You can find us in the Campus France booth.

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Lyon: Multiservice Student Space (EME)

The Multiservice Student Space (EME) welcomes you from September 5 to October 31, 2013.  For two months, this platform offers services for a proper integration to the city and continuity of studies. It is dedicated to French and foreign new students in Lyon and is organized each year by the City of Lyon, the Lyon-St. Etienne CROUS, the Rhône Prefecture, the Rhône-Alpes Region and the Lyon University PRES. ?With the participation of numerous public and private partners grouped by centres of interest, EME will be held from September 5 to October 31, 2013: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. An international team will greet students in French, English, Spanish, German, Chinese and Arabic and will offer various services.
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Montpellier: International Reception Service (Service Accueil International)

"The evolution and the strengthening of the reception process for foreign students and researchers put in place by the International Reception Service of the PRES, the various partnerships with players of the university life and the renewed confidence from the Prefecture of the Hérault region show a concrete strategy of reception for international students which aims at ensuring the best conditions of their success on the Montpellier site."
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Nantes: One-Stop Service Shop - Greeting Foreign Students

The one-stop service shop greeting foreign students will be held in the Maison des Echanges Internationaux et de la Francophonie from Monday August 26 to Friday October 4, 2013.?The one-stop service shop is the main meeting for foreign students after their arrival at the Nantes university. ?Student tutors and staff from the international relations service assist you in your administrative steps. The services in the one-stop service shop groups all the services needed for a proper integration and installation in Nantes. 
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Rennes: International Mobility Centre - Université de Bretagne Ouest

The International Mobility Centre offers a wide array of services in the frame of its greeting program designed to help the installation and integration of foreign students and doctorate researchers in Rennes. A daily reception is opened throughout this period in the offices of the CMI Rennes to welcome you and assist you in your installation in Rennes, including with a support service to build-up residence permits files in collaboration with the administrative centre of the Île-et-Vilaine region. 
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Nancy: One-Stop Service Shop in the Université de Lorraine

The one-stop service shop of the Lorraine university aims at offering a customized follow-up of your administrative steps, but also at informing you on everyday life in Lorraine, university life, jobs situation, culture and leisure activities. You will have the opportunity to follow the first mandatory administrative steps during your stay in France.
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Strasbourg: Post-Holiday Greeting and Agora

The university life service offers support in your installation steps in Strasbourg.  With the "New Term All-in-one Service" you have the opportunity to follow all your steps in relation with your study period in various institutions. 
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