Low university tuition fees in France

The cost of studying in France is among the lowest in the world. For both French and foreign students, the State pays most of the tuition fees for education in higher public institutes.

Tuition fees in public institutes

Studying in France means having access to quality academic programmes open to most people. French tuition fees are low as the State pays most of the cost of education provided in public institutes. The real cost of studying is the same as elsewhere. The difference is that in France, whether you are French or foreign, the State pays most of the cost. This represents an average annual investment of 14,000 Euros per student.

Tuition fees for all public institutions are down for the academic year 2018/19 :

  • 170 Euros for one year at the Bachelor's level;
  • 243 Euros for one year at the Master's level;
  • 601 Euros for one year in an engineering school;
  • 380 Euros for one year of a Doctorate.

Find out the cost of tuition for all programmes provided in French public institutes on the site of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. You can in particular see the cost of a doctorate in medicine and pharmacology.

Tuition fees in private French institutes

Tuition fees in private institutes, especially in business schools, are quite a bit more than in public ones. In general, it costs 3,000 to 10,000 Euros per year. Visit the site of each institute to find out exactly how much tuition is for your programme.

18% of students in France are enrolled in private institutes. The private nature of an institute means it was not created by the State. The level of public financing is therefore variable. In some cases, the State officially recognises an institute and authorises it to confer national degrees. It then has a right to scrutinise the programmes that are offered there, which ensures service and quality. For example, the five Catholic institutes (Paris, Lille, Angers, Lyon, Toulouse) and some business and engineering schools are private institutes recognised by the State.