January - December 2019
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Dear Students,


We would like to inform you that application for the French Students visa to France must pass through Campus France. Please bear in mind that your are do finalize submission of documents at least three weeks before your reopen date/ entry into France. 

All you have to do is to:

  • download the checklist (English version or French version) listing the documents you need to submit for your visa interview. For a more in depth explanation on the documents you must submit, follow this link
  • Download the visa forms ( English version or French version) and OFFI form and fill them ( You can use the template to guide you with this)
  • Submit your forms at Campus France office

When your forms are complete, you will receive a notification on the set date for your visa interview.


Should you have any questions, or assistance with the forms, please contact us on whatsapp ONLY   0558273720

Our Call line :0307001156

Attention: The legalization of the birth certificate concerns those who hold a Ghanaian biometric birth certificate ONLY

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