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On Thursday 19th October, Campus France Ghana launched the Year Abroad programme for the 2018-2019 academic year at the Maison Française located on the University of Ghana campus. Close to a hundred students, most from the University of Ghana, attended this inaugural session.

The occasion was to officially outdoor the programme for the 2018-2019 year abroad, where 3rd year students especially, have the opportunity to go to a French speaking-country, namely France or Benin, to pursue a one year study programme aimed at perfecting their grasp of the language.

After the purpose of gathering and introduction of the guests, Dr. Couprie, Technical Advisor in charge of France-Ghana higher education cooperation gave a brief address on the value of the year abroad programme, with focus on the option of studying in France. She said that the opportunity to undertake the year abroad programme in the cradle of the “langue de Molière”, is one that should be used to the maximum. Staying in France allows one to be immersed, not only in the language but also in the culture that accompanies the language.  She therefore encouraged students to be open-minded and receptive, to exhibit a healthy curiosity and to make the best value of the available resources and environment. “You’ll learn better and faster if you really get integrated into your environment” she emphasized.

Prof. Robert Yennah, Head of the French Department at the University Of Ghana, in his speech, explained different aspects of the year abroad in Benin. Adding to Dr. Couprie’s words, he touted the value and importance of the year abroad for all students of foreign languages. He however warned the audience that language acquisition was not automatic whether in France or in Benin – they would have to work towards it.

Two level 400 students then shared their year abroad experiences in France and Benin respectively, after which Carl Nunoo and Abigail Ashun-Sarpy, both of Campus France Ghana, led a question and answer session.

Daniel Doe, the Campus France Ghana coordinator, took his turn to give a presentation that covered the necessary documents for submission, the French universities and their specific application modalities, procedure for visa processing, accommodation and other useful information. He added that Campus France would on Friday 27th October, be organising the “journée portes ouvertes” (open day) which will offer the opportunity to students and parents alike to come and have all their concerns on the year abroad addressed by Campus France and other partner institutions.

 Below is the Power Point presentation of the year abroad to France2018-2019



From the 13th to the 15th of November 2017, level 300 Students of the University of Ghana, French Department, who want to embark in the year abroad 2018-2019 to France are invited to submit the year abroad application form (see below) together with the following documents.


  1. Colored Copy of your Passport (Information page)
  2. Colored copy of your university ID card
  3. Colored copy of your biometric birth certificate (in English) + copy of the French translated one.
  4. Colored copy of your WASSCE certificate (in English)+ copy of the French Translated one.

Applicants should note that the year abroad application form (below) must be filled on a computer, then printed out and signed before it is submitted with the above mentioned documents. No handwritten filled forms fill be accepted.Also, applicants should endeavour to fill the form fully and provide correct information on the form.




Find below the slides on the CV and Motivation letter.