Immersion Year (France) application form for University students [NB: Not for Masters or PhD students]

The application form is now available.

Dear year abroad students of the university of Ghana (Main and City Campus),


Kindly find attached the year abroad to France Application form on which you have to indicate the university where you would like to go to for the  2017-2018 academic year .Please read carefully the following instructions:

1. Download the form,print it out and fill it.

2. Attach the following documents to the application form 

Copy of Passport

Copy of Student ID card

Copy of WASSCE certificate (English and French)

Copy of birth certificate (English and French)

Copy of transcript (English and French

3. Put all documents in an A4 enveloppe with your full name written on it 

4. Documents should be submitted at Campus France office from Thursday 23rd February to Friday 24th February latest by 1PM



Candidates who do not have a complete file are encouraged to submit their documents all the same. However, their file as well as their choice of school will be put on hold until they provide the remaining documents.

All submitted documents should be coloured. 


For more inquiries, contact us by e-mail: /