2018/2019 Registration form for higher education in France

Dear Student,

   This form has been designed to make the application process simpler.  Kindly do well to follow the instructions below:

  • download and fill the registration form ( PDF )
  • send completed form to  <campusfranceghana@gmail.com>
  • wait for feedback



NB: Applicants should not forget the documents to be attached to form. Documents must be scanned in PDF form and preferrably combined into one document. Please do well to fill the schools you have chosen in the form exactly how the name is on the website


Kindly download the other documents attached. This will help applicant prepare ahead of time for the visa process slated for this year (usually starts around June).


PS: * With respect to francophone applicants, there is no need for a legalization of birth certificate nor a change to a biometric one.

Thank you for your co-operation.

You can also find below the link to the various course of studies.

Note that this is not the application of school process. It is just to give the Campus France Team an idea of your choices of school and how best we can help you with your application.